Vango Bamboo Camping Table Review

If there's one item of camping equipment we've considered buying more than any other over the past couple of years, it's probably a camping table. It hits a stage when it becomes tiresome balancing multiple cups of coffee (or G&Ts, depending on the time of day!) on a stacking box, only to discover that the food item you need is inside the box.

Enter the Vango bamboo camping table... let's be honest, a table is a table is table. As long as it's sturdy and packs down well, it's going to do the job just find. The Vango table ticks both those boxes and also adds in good looks (the bamboo is finished beautifully and looks just like a posh kitchen worktop) and extending legs. It's a good size, big enough to hold all the bits and pieces you need when preparing a camping meal, but small enough to easily fit inside the boot of a standard car.

Part of the table's sturdiness comes from the fact that it's not a flimsy lightweight item... it has some heft to it (but likely still easily carried by even the weakest person in your camping group), which means that it's definitely for car campers. Although if you do end up strapping it to your back on a Europe-wide cycling holiday, do send photos, we'd love to see them!

All in all, highly recommended if you're looking for a sturdy, well made camping table.

If you're interested, here's some more info on bamboo camping gear: