Keen Depart WP CNX

I tested these walking boots out on a blustery wet weekend in Cornwall; I went for a walk along the North coast and put them through their paces.

First was the walking comfort test: pass with merit. These boots are very comfortable: warm but not hot and sticky, and with a sturdy but not rigid sole. Although the walk wasn’t a hugely long hike so possibly not the very best test, my feet remained happy throughout.

Second test, the wet grass test: pass. I was a little concerned that the breathable outers of these shoes would render them useless in wet weather but I was happily mistaken. Traipsing through sodden ankle high grass didn’t faze these boots at all. On removal, I checked my socks for any signs of dampness and there were none. Additionally, the sides come up high enough to protect the spot on my trousers just above my ankle that always gets muddy no matter how carefully I walk.

Test three, the dog chase: pass with distinction. Running through heather after an errant dog is bound to cause problems and in my case, it was happening upon a puddle unexpectedly. The boots were very resilient and I remained dry! The hidden rocks I encountered did not shatter my ankles as they should have, as the high firm sides of shoes protected them exceptionally well.

All in all, I really like these shoes, although I’m not entirely convinced about how the shape of the toe looks. I’ll forgive them that though, as they really are very comfortable and do everything I would expect of a hardy leather walking boot but without having to wear them in first. I recommend these highly.