AP ProSeries Rechargeable Spotlight

It's a sad fact that camping in Winter is a dark (and often wet) affair... Active Products would like to help us solve the first of those problems with their 220 lumen rechargeable spotlight.

The torch, while not exactly compact, is very well built and gives the impression of quality right out of the box. Although I didn't throw it around to test it, it feels like it would easily survive the rough and tumble and occasional fall of camping life.

As soon as you turn it on, you realise that this is BRIGHT! Manufacturers can make almost any feature sound incredible (much like the million candle power torches of a few years ago, what does that even mean???) but in this case the relatively small sounding 220 lumens is basically like holding a car headlight in your hands. It really is that bright. The beam is very focussed so even when shining it on an object 50m (+- 150 feet) away it's still bright.

I didn't manage to run it down completely, so don't know exactly how long the battery would last for... however we used it most of the evening for two nights on a weekend camping trip and it was still working perfectly at the end of the second night.

The only small drawback is that there isn't a beam adjustment, it's a fixed focus beam. That's not the end of the world, but it means we had to bounce it off the inside of the tent to get the light to dissipate and light up the surrounding area. Not a major issue at all, especially as this is sold as a spotlight, not a lantern. But it would have made a very good product absolutely excellent. I'm told by the manufacturer that there aren't any spotlights that offer this feature, so there must be a technical reason for it.

At around £30, it's excellent value as you'll probably save that amount on batteries alone over a year!