Mountain Hardware Scrambler 30 Review

A waterproof rucksack is an essential bit of kit for camping in our rather unpredictable British climate... Nevisport have kindly sent us a Mountain Hardware Scrambler 30 pack to review, perfectly timed for your Autumn adventures!

Firstly, and most importantly, it really is waterproof! The seams are well sealed and there aren't any zips into the main compartment (always potential for leaking through zips, even well sealed ones).

It's lightweight (only 770g) and comfortable to wear. There are a multitude of adjustable straps and positions, so pretty much no matter your size you'll be able to adjust it for a comfortable fit. We made it up a rather large hill in Alicante and it was super comfortable.

I was initially skeptical about the closing mechanism of the top flap of the bag... unlike most bags, the Scrambler 30 doesn't use a clip or a zip. It uses a kind of 'hook' that links into a canvas strap (see picture). Despite my skepticism, it actually works really well and hasn't threatened to come undone even after throwing the bag around (including into an overhead locker on a plane). I guess the design makes it easier to open with cold/gloved fingers - I know I've spent ages sometimes trying to work a tiny click mechanism with frozen hands!

It has two large side pockets and a sleeve for 'hydration bladder' (i.e. a camelbak) inside the main compartment. It has enough straps and loops and adjusters that I'm fairly sure you can carry almost any kit you need for a short adventure!

The only downside to the bag is both a positive and a negative... the fact that it doesn't have any zips means that it's completely waterproof. However, it also means that it can be a real pain to get to the bottom of the bag without having to take everything out! That can be overcome by packing properly, but it's something to bear in mind if you're not a very foresightful packer!

Overall, I've been very pleased with it - if you're in the market for a small waterproof bag for adventures, you can't go too wrong with the Scrambler 30.

You can buy the Mountain Hardware Scrambler 30 from our friends at Nevisport: