Guide to camping in France

Camping in France can be inexpensive for tourists and there are a number of popular camping locations available where you can soak up the sunshine for the majority of the year. Camping is a lot more popular in France than it is in the UK which means you can take your pick from a number of different campsites. The weather is mostly hot and sunny but you will find it comfortable even in the ‘hotter’ months of the year.

France has 3500km of coastline available for tourists to enjoy with a number of campsites only being a short distance away. Many campsites have pitches available under the trees or next to the river. In the peak seasons of the year it may be worth making a reservation for a pitch to avoid ferry to France disappointment.  You can book through a travel agency or go to the campsite direct if you wish. Taking your car on the also makes it easier to carry everything you need to make your camping experience comfortable. You will not have to worry about any shock fees like you would with flying should you over pack slightly if you wanted you could travel around France during your vacation and stay at a number of different campsites. Having your car available also means you can visit many different tourist attractions at your leisure. Many campsites in France will have a number of ‘luxurious’ amenities available to use and for a few extra Euros you are able to hook up to the electricity to make things more like home. Pitches on sites are really inexpensive meaning you may save more money in the long run and you might be able to stay on your vacation a little longer than planned. The French government have set up a starring system for their campsites making it easier to find something suitable for all those travelling.

Brittany is a popular camping location thanks to its beautiful long beaches, fishing villages and its number of different countryside’s. The region has a number of different villages which have picturesque scenery and a lot medieval history. The local cuisine features mainly freshly made crepes along with freshly caught sea food thanks to many of the ports located nearby. Long walks on the beach are suitable for all types of tourists and there are also a number of different caves to explore. Brittany is host to a number of music and food festivals throughout the year should you wish to attend.

Chateau de Galinee is based in the countryside which is located to a nearby beach and also has a pool meaning the children are always entertained whilst the adults can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Ty-Nadan has a wide range of activities to choose from which include archery, quad biking, paint balling, horse riding, canoeing and climbing. When it is time to relax the coast and beaches are only a short walk away, there is something to do for everyone here.

By Lauren B. from the Ferry to France news blog.