Cabin Max Hamburg Camping Luggage

Ok, name the last time you went camping ‘light’… no car, motorhome, campervan or caravan. Odds are, it was a long time ago! Truth is, most of us are ‘car campers’ nowadays, so packing for a camping trip is about making the most of the room in your boot rather than the room in your panniers. If you’re anything like us in the office then clothes are often an afterthought when packing the car for a camping trip… sort of thrown in amongst the gaps between the ‘essentials’!

But no longer! Although partly targeted at the leisure flyer, the Cabin Max Hamburg is perfect for camping, as it enables you to fit plenty of clothes in its 55L capacity. Crucially, it also makes it easy to get to the clothes as, unlike most backpacks, it zips all the way around the outside, so that you can lay it flat and access clothes anywhere in the bag. It’s super lightweight too, which is handy as it means you’re mostly lugging your clothes around and not the weight of the suitcase.

And the best bit is if you’re planning on heading anywhere exciting on most airlines, the bag is designed to extract every last bit of allowed hand luggage allowance. Although we haven’t had the pleasure of going on a camping trip via aeroplane, I can imagine this would be particularly handy in making the most of your luggage allowance!