Griffin Survivor Power Bank

It’s an (almost) accepted fact of camping in the 21st century… unless you’re on a fancy schmancy pitch with electric, your phone will run out of power. Now before you get on your high horse and say that we shouldn’t be using our phones while camping, I (mostly) agree! However, it’s a fact of life that phones are also cameras, records of pitch bookings (on your email) and also your sat-nav to get home from camping in the boonies. And power banks aren’t limited to charging phones… they can charge pretty much anything that can be charged over USB (cameras, torches, iPads, etc).

Enter the Griffin Survivor rugged power bank… with a huge 10,050 mAh battery it’s enough to charge the standard smartphone 4 times over. And it has a few other nifty tricks up its sleeve… as you may have guessed from the name, it’s rugged. That means it’s weatherproof (good for protection in rain, but don’t use it in the bath) and drop-tested to military standards (if you’re the clumsy type, this is perfect for you). It also has a built in flashlight, which is very handy when using it camping… and with such a big battery I’d guess the light would last long enough for you to wander around for hours looking for the loos.

It has practical non-camping uses too… I’ve found with the recent cold weather that my phone battery hasn’t lasted as long as I’m used to. I’ve taken to stowing the Griffin Survivor in my bag just in case I need a quick charge on the go. It’s not exactly in the flyweight class (impossible with such a high capacity batter), but it’s nice and compact so it’s easy to chuck in my bag alongside my other gear.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high capacity and compact battery for topping up your gadgets on the go, you can’t go wrong with the Griffin Survivor.