Camping Barbecued Sea Bass

Sea bass is commonplace at many fish markets around Britain’s coastline, and barbecuing it is one of the best ways to enjoy the white, slightly sweet meat. For this reason, the following recipe is a wonderfully simple one without big flavours to detract from the fish itself.

1 whole sea bass

1 lemon

A drizzle of oil

If the fish hasn’t been prepared, you’ll need to trim the fins, remove scales and bones then get rid of any innards. Once all this has been done, rinse the fish under cold water to clean it. Then, score the skin four or five times on each side and place the fish into a foil packet big enough to entirely cover it, with a little extra room to spare. Squeeze the lemon juice over the fish, then add a glug of oil before sealing. Put the whole packet onto a barbecue at medium heat for around four minutes, before turning it and cooking for another four minutes. Carefully take the package off the heat and open to let the steam out, then eat straight away.