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Braven Ready Pro Review

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are ten-a-penny these days… so what makes this Braven Ready Pro so special? Well, it turns out, quite a few things.…Read more

Griffin Survivor Power Bank

It’s an (almost) accepted fact of camping in the 21st century… unless you’re on a fancy schmancy pitch with electric, your phone will run out of power.…Read more

Braven Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your first thought on reading the headline of this review is “why would I need noise cancelling headphones when camping?” you clearly haven’t been in the situation where you’re desperately searching for some peace and quiet while camping with kids, dogs and friends in the middle of a Butlins in Minehead.…Read more

Mountain Hardware Scrambler 30 Review

A waterproof rucksack is an essential bit of kit for camping in our rather unpredictable British climate!…Read more

BenQ GS1 Portable LED Projector

More than once while testing this bit of kit, I thought to myself "If only I could show someone from 50 years ago this little gadget." That's how remarkable this BenQ GS1 is... it's quite hard to believe that there is so much functionality packed into such a small footprint.…Read more

Vango Bamboo Camping Table Review

It hits a stage when it becomes tiresome balancing multiple cups of coffee (or G&Ts, depending on the time of day!) on a stacking box, only to discover that the food item you need is inside the box.…Read more

Isle of Purbeck Camping Guide

From London, Dorset is the go-to place for seaside escapes without spending hours on the road. The variety that the area offers means no two trips are ever the same and there is still plenty more to explore in the years to come.…Read more

AP ProSeries Rechargeable Spotlight

A versatile and very bright torch perfect for dark winter camping!…Read more

Camping Chilli Pork Risotto

While it may seem like the kind of dish you’d see in fancy restaurants, this risotto is hearty, warming and easier to make than it may first appear.…Read more

Camping Barbecued Sea Bass

Sea bass is commonplace at many fish markets around Britain’s coastline, and barbecuing it is one of the best ways to enjoy the white, slightly sweet meat. …Read more

Camping Recipes - Beef Burritos

Burritos really are perfectly suited to camping, as they’re not only easy to make and cook, but can also be kept as a mid-walk snack to keep energy levels up during the day.…Read more

Camping Margherita ‘pan’ pizza

Not a ‘pan’ in the traditional sense of having a deep crust, this recipe shows that pizzas don’t need ovens for cooking – as they can be done quite happily on a gas stove. …Read more

Camping etiquette: The unwritten rules

Here are a few rules to which every camper would be wise to adhere; a Highway Code for camping, if you will.…Read more

Helly Hansen Aden Jacket

The joy of watching your new waterproof bead is something I never grow bored of!…Read more

Electrolux WorkZone Z61A Handheld Vacuum

A powerful little handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for caravans/motorhomes/cars.…Read more

Shepherds Hut in Tewkesbury

The Shepherds Hut is nestled in between fields and farmhouse on this lovely working farm just outside Tewkesbury.…Read more

Berghaus Ullscarf Review

Just because it’s got slightly warmer, don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t need a top notch waterproof jacket if you’re planning on any outside activities this Spring!…Read more

Keen Depart WP CNX

I tested these walking boots out on a blustery wet weekend in Cornwall; I went for a walk along the North coast and put them through their paces.…Read more

Cabin Max Hamburg Camping Luggage

Although partly targeted at the leisure flyer, the Cabin Max Hamburg is perfect for camping, as it enables you to fit plenty of clothes in its 55L capacity.…Read more

Vango AirBeam® Genesis 300

When I first mentioned that I was reviewing an inflatable tent, the scoffing and snickering in the room was audible… however, not to be deterred by the doubters, I cracked on with the review and have found it to be very very good indeed!…Read more

HandiRack Roofracks

Handy inflatable roofracks for transporting surfing or camping gear…Read more

Folding Propane Gas Double Burner and Grill

There aren't many better things when camping than a lovely cooked breakfast outside your tent in a beautiful field.…Read more


When I first received my pair of KEEN Tunari CNX (a hybrid between full walking/hiking shoes and casual trainers) to review, I thought they were in danger of falling in the gap between the two.…Read more

Guide to camping in Newquay

Newquay is one of Cornwall’s top resorts and it is easy to see why with the diverse choice of beaches, family attractions, restaurants, and more.…Read more

KEEN Bryce WP Walking Boots

I must admit in my 3 mile stroll I was praying it would rain so I could test out the waterproofness and I did even hover over a puddle for a few seconds wondering if I should stomp on through, alas the thought of a day of wet jeans prevented me.…Read more

The Freeplay Companion

The Freeplay Companion is one of those products that, ten years ago, would have been absolutely revolutionary. However, we’re in 2012 so how good is it in light of recent technological advances?…Read more

Guide to camping in France

Camping in France can be inexpensive for tourists and there are a number of popular camping locations available where you can soak up the sunshine for the majority of the year.…Read more

Camelbak Octane LR Hydration Pack

It’s the age old dilemma… you’re going for a hike/run/cycle and you know you’re going to need some water. But how do you carry it?…Read more

Under Armour ColdGear Gloves

As someone who suffers from poor circulation, has a tendency to lose things, cycles to work, loves sport and the outdoors buying gloves has always been somewhat problematic...…Read more

Choosing the right torch for camping

If there’s one essential piece of equipment you will need as the sun sets it’s a camping torch. Have you tried a fingertip search in pitch-black darkness for the zip on a sleeping bag that seems to have moved on its own?…Read more

Gift ideas for camping fans

Some gift ideas for your camping-mad family and friends, from the small and practical to the less practical but still very cool!…Read more

Camping in North Wales

From the National Park around Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to pristine sandy beaches and excellent sailing and surfing, North Wales has an embarrassment of riches to offer campers.…Read more

How is waterproofness measured?

When looking to purchase a new rain coat, tent, ski wear or general outdoor gear, it is helpful to know and understand about waterproofing and breathability.…Read more

Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Trousers

It’s a sad fact that we’re heading into winter… but that does mean that this review of a pair of Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers are more relevant than ever!…Read more

Isle of Wight area guide

The Isle of Wight is a popular all year round destination for fun family holidays and relaxing breaks. The whole Island is only 23 miles wide and so all parts of it are in easy access by either car or public transport.…Read more

SPAM canned meat

SPAM - the misunderstood meat. Or is it? We test out its suitability for your camping larder.…Read more

Brasher Kenai GTX Womens Hiking Boots

At less than £100 per pair, these boots aim to provide excellent value for money for those who enjoy walking in the British hills and valleys. But do they deliver?…Read more

Outwell Camping Cookware Review

Washing up is boring. Save time for more fun stuff with this non-stick cookware set.…Read more

Dog House Tent

A very novel idea, but not really suitable for serious camping.…Read more

Jurassic Coast area guide

The Jurassic coast is recognised as an area of outstanding beauty and geological significance, whether for the breathtaking views, the fascinating fossil finds or the birds and wildlife (including dolphins and puffins), and is a fantastic destination for any type of holiday or short break.…Read more

Dealing with pests when camping

Bugs, insects, creepy crawlies, rats and worse will encroach on your camping area drawn in by food, waste, warmth and light if you're not careful. Here are a few tips to avoid pests becoming pests on your holiday!…Read more

Camping with babies

For many people this might invoke images of dread - all the worrying, the sleepless nights, the mess! But camping with children, even at a very young age, can be a very special time and one that crafts memories for years to come.…Read more

Setting up your campsite

The first thing to do after signing in and getting to your campsite is to pick the perfect spot for your tent and then set up your pitch. Here are some tips to get you started... …Read more

Campfire tips and techniques

When camping on a chilly evening a warm fire is the greatest treat and the perfect centre piece for an evening full of stories and toasted marshmallows.…Read more

Trespass Inksy Jacket Review

Get prepared for the summer rains with this lightweight Trespass Inksy Packaway jacket.…Read more

Games to play when it's raining and you're camping - for groups

Next time you're camping in the rain and wondering what to do... leave the playstation at home and try some of these game ideas!…Read more

NoRinse Waterless Body Wash

A waterless body wash that actually lathers and cleans.…Read more

Somerset Fire Pits

Fancy a fire but nowhere to make it? Or you don't want to burn your grass? Read on!…Read more

Esbit Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Can established German brand Esbit crack the British market with their range of outdoor cooking equipment?…Read more

Campfire Cooking Grill

A stainless steel grill for authentic campfire cooking.…Read more