Writers encourage winter camping

As the nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, many campers and caravanners will put away the canvas or tuck the van up for winter. Yet that needn't be the case, according to two outdoors writers.

While the cold and wet can understandably dissuade great swathes of otherwise hardy holidaymakers from a break between October and March, camping in winter can be glorious.

Chris Marks, writing for thenationalstudent.com enthuses about the camper van as a sturdier, warmer alternative to the tent. An affordable option, he writes about how he had the 'freedom of the road' combined with easy access to tea-making facilities.

The advantages of the van over the tent, he said, included space to sit when it rained, a comfortable bed, a quick pack up in the morning and most importantly, that it is connected to a power supply. This means heating. 

Unsurprisingly, Marks recommends fans of canvas consider hiring a van for a late break.    

For those that don't want to defect from their tents can use tips from walker, mountaineer and climber, Jon Doran. Writing for outdoorsmagic.com, he says that common sense "will get you a long way" when camping.

Lots of 'fully-functioning' sites close over the winter. However, there's no reason not to stay at sites which don't have power or many amenities, either. Getting back to nature, Doran talks about boiling water to purify it, making good use of antiseptic wipes where showers don't exist and burying any human waste.

Ultimately, with the right kit, camping can be a year-round activity.