Wood-Burning Stoves for Tents With Flue Openings

Whether you are an independent camper looking for ways to extend your camping season with comfortable and cosy camping trips year round, or a glampsite operator looking to expand your offerings, you might be thinking about tents that can be heated without an electric hookup. One fun and sustainable option is a tent or yurt with the capacity to house a wood burning stove.

Of course, it is important to make sure that the tent or yurt you purchase is suitable for heating in this way. It should be fire retardant and should have the necessary strength to support a flue. The groundsheet must roll back to allow the stove to sit on the ground. Safety is key, and you must be able to feel secure in the knowledge that you have done everything properly and the tent is safe to sleep in.

As long as you have the right tent (or other structure) and the right wood-burning stove, lighting a fire will be perfectly safe and, providing you have a store of dry wood, can be a fantastic way to heat the space for camping holidays all year round, even when there is ice and snow on the ground.

Bell tents are enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment and one of the good things about many canvas bell tents is that they are designed to allow the flue of a wood burning stove to stick out through the roof. Other styles of canvas tent are also available, just check for all the features you need before you buy.

When it comes to the stove, there are plenty of different options on the market. A few well-received examples with good reviews include:

  • Ozpig Heating and Cooking Stove
  • The Traveller Glamping Wood Stove
  • Robens Volcano
  • Anevay Frontier
  • Frontier Plus Camping Stove

There are, of course, plenty of other options on the market, though please do make sure that you get one that really is suitable for use in a tent and make sure it is suited to all of your requirements. Also, just in case, it is always a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector on hand when burning wood in a tent. The smoke and fumes should all go up the flue, but it is best to err on the safe side and have a detector to make sure everything is working smoothly.