Winter Yurt Glamping in the UK

Yurts (and similar structures) are the traditional summer and winter dwellings of a number of nomadic cultures around the world. To us in the UK, there is something about these simple structures that calls to us of the romance of the steppe, the tundra or the savannah. Staying in a yurt can add a sense of exoticism and a hint of world travel to our winter glamping experiences – giving us a subconscious sense of connection with different peoples living simply around the world.

A yurt is also associated with living a life that is connected to and which respects the land. Often, those who live in these or similar structures will move their families and their animals for the different seasons, in part so that land is given a chance to regenerate before they return. The nomadic people who live in this way often have a deep sense of the importance of sustainability, and caring for the natural world around them – something that all to many have sadly lost touch with in the developed world.

Another more modern association is that the yurt is often a symbol for contemporary green living. Most of us may not be willing or able to 'downsize' our lives to fit into their tent-like structures but on the wave of the tiny home movement, some people are choosing to do just that. Trying this lifestyle on for size, even just for a few days, can help you see how cluttered most of our lives have become with things we don't really need.

Winter yurt glamping in the UK is a wonderful way to get out there and enjoy the wilds of nature without much of the inconvenience and discomfort that can come with a traditional camping holiday at this time of year. Heated with wood stoves and bedecked with comfortable bedding, rugs and other items, a yurt can be a relaxing place to stay – a chance to try something a little different and break out of your usual comfort zone to think about the wider world, and your place in it.