Wild Camping with a Motorhome

If you have a motorhome you will know the level of comfort and flexibility that such a vehicle can bring to a camping experience. In a motorhome, you can not only enjoy a wide range of official campsites around the UK, if you are considerate and sensible you can also enjoy camping at a great many 'wild' and unofficial spots. 'Wild' camping with a motorhome is of course nothing like wild camping in a tent and you will be able to experience nowhere near the same level of freedom to roam. But there are still plenty of options available for those considerate motorhome users who simply want to find a quiet and tranquil spot in which to park up to enjoy nature, while still enjoying some comforts of their home away from home.

A motorhome can take you to forest glades, lakeside picnic spots and deserted beach-side roads. Largely, you will find that if you choose your spot carefully and camp courteously, no one will mind you presence. Don't be one of the few who can spoil it for the rest of us. Those people are the reason why more and more 'no camping' and 'no overnight parking' signs spring up every year. Always observe signs and never try to stay where you are clearly not wanted. If a secluded spot does not say you may not park, the worst that can happen is that you will be asked to move on. Don't worry – it is not the end of the world – simply apologise, smile politely and do so.

The key with 'wild' motorhome camping is to be unobtrusive and lower your impact on the environment around you and on others who might be living or working nearby. 'Wild' motorhome camping is low key, so do not set up awnings, deck chairs, washing lines etc. and settle in for the long haul. In the majority of places, you should stay only a night or two, no longer. It should go without saying that you should not disturb or destroy crops, land or habitat and you should keep noise down so as not to annoy local people and disturb wildlife.

Another important thing to remember is that you will have to take all your grey and black water waste and any rubbish away with you, so make sure that you have the capacity you need, especially if you are planning to tour in out of the way areas, where hook ups might be fewer and further between. You do not want to accidentally pollute or despoil the very landscape you have come to enjoy.

If you get it right, waking up somewhere magical in your comfortable motorhome or camper can be a joy, but make sure that you are not one of those who spoil it for everyone else with their inconsiderate ways. Camp with caution and care and we can all enjoy this privilege for generations to come.