Why Women Should Camp Alone: Celebrate International Woman's Day

International Women's Day this year is all about equality. The theme for this year's events is #betterbalance. This is a nod to the growing push for professional and social equality around the world. The aim of the theme is to encourage a gender balance in boardrooms, in the media and in wealth as a way for economies to thrive.

Equality in the work place is important. But so is a work-life balance. Camping can be a big part of making sure that we maintain a balance in our lives. While women work hard to thrive in a work environment, it is also important that they push for more equality when it comes to their leisure time as well.

For a number of reasons, women do not camp solo as often as men. But busy, professional women, mothers, wives and daughters with many different obligations and demands on their time, could all benefit from taking the time to camp alone.

The Benefits of Solo Camping Trips

Camping alone, being forced to rely on one's own skills and resources, can be a hugely empowering experience. What is more, solo camping trips can also give people, women and men alike, the chance to get some space and time to reflect and to grow.

Camping alone can allow you to learn and hone skills that will stand you in good stead in other areas of your life – not just practical things like starting fires, cooking outdoors, pitching a tent and identifying natural plants and animals, but also things like self-reliance, the ability to reflect on your life, and the ability to simply be alone – which is harder for many people than you may think.

Solo camping trips are one way for women to escape from the rat race and the many different demands on their time and make some time for themselves and their own personal development. For a range of reasons, it can often be more difficult for women than for men to have some time for themselves. If you re not given it, you may simply have to take it. If you become a better person for the experience, surely it is not selfish to get away for a camping holiday on your own.

Solo camping experiences can sometimes be a scary experience – but they can also be hugely rewarding. Women, if you do not already take the occasional solo camping trip, this International Women's Day could be a wonderful time for you to begin planning a solo adventure.