Why Winter Is A Good Time To Go Camping in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of Britain's favourite camping destinations. But almost all the visitors will descend on this region in the summer months. This is a good thing for those of us who continue to enjoy camping out of season. The winter cold drives many of the casual tourists away and the beautiful Cumbrian landscape is almost devoid of people – wonderful for those of us who like to enjoy the natural world without too much company.

It has to be said that a winter camping trip in the Lake District is not for everyone. Depending on the weather, roads can become blocked or impassable. The chill can be intense, and the rain can lash down relentlessly. In fine winter weather, however, all the inconveniences of winter travel are all suddenly well worthwhile. The glint of the wintry sunshine on meres and waters, clouds nesting on craggy peaks, birds soaring in the bluest of skies – all combine to make you forget the cold and relax into a state of peace and tranquillity.

Whether you really are braving the elements in a tent, on snowy mountains, are enjoying a somewhat more comfortable and relaxed winter camping expedition in a motorhome or caravan, or are glamping at one of a number of delightful glamping sites across this part of England, winter travel rewards those who undertake it, especially when you take the time to visit a part of the world which is as breathtakingly beautiful as this one.

When the winter weather does not co-operate, the Lake District has compensations. In the winter, there is perhaps nothing more pleasing than finding a pleasant inn in a quaint village where you can have a bite to eat, perhaps something to drink, and warm up in front of a roaring log fire. In the Lake District, there is certainly no shortage of such establishments, so you can take your pick of a wide range of lovely little hostelries in which to escape the elements.

A number of campsites are still open over the winter months in this area, including: Wasdale National Trust Campsite and Great Langdale National Trust Campsite, both of which offer beautiful locations in which to enjoy the winter scenery. The Quiet Site at Ullswater is another lovely option that is open all year.