Why Not Follow Student Climate Action With a Camping Trip This Weekend?

As school students in the UK and across the world prepare to stand up and strike again for climate action tomorrow, we applaud the fact that with all the posturing and Brexit mess going on at Westminster, young people are making their voices heard on the issues that really matter. While older generations all too often seem to simply stick their heads in the sand – young people are getting out there and giving them a kick!

While politicians fumble our future, and neglect the most crucial and pressing issue of our time, we should take heart in the fact that young people are engaging with the issue. Young people are often accused of apathy, but mass school strikes show that students engage in the issues that really matter to them and will stand up and be counted when it comes to safeguarding their futures, and our precious planet.

What better way, after the strike, to celebrate youth activism than with a camping trip? Whether you plan a family weekend away, or a weekend with friends, camping could be a fantastic way to celebrate the natural world and show, once again, that we reject the damaging elements of today's society and want to forge a better, more sustainable and ethical way forward for humanity on this planet.

Those interested in climate action will likely already know that low-impact camping trips can be a great way to get away without causing harm to our planet. Hike or bike to your camping destination and the carbon cost of your trip away will be even lower still. Camping can allow you to get back to basics and reconnect with the natural world. It can allow you to enjoy a break without reliance on finite, polluting resources. Camping can be a fantastic part of a more sustainable way of life.

Are you inspired by the student climate strike action? If so, why not consider taking your own camping trip this weekend to kick start your own move towards a greener lifestyle? There are plenty of things that we all can, and should, be doing right now to transition to a sustainable way of life and combat climate change.

Students are standing up because politicians are not. Will you join them in word and deed? Will you become part of the solution rather than part of the problem? Overhauling your holidays and enjoying a low-impact camping break could be one small place to start.