Why Camping is Better with Your Dog

Every dog owner knows that our canine friends can teach us a lot. We evolved with dogs, around campfires, which perhaps is why so many people so enjoy camping with their dogs today. There is something basic and primeval about camping with our faithful hounds that taps into the caveman or woman in all of us. As many dog owners already know, camping is better with your dog.

Part of the delight of taking a dog along when you head off for a camping trip is that a dog can make even the most dreary of nature hikes into an adventure. A dog's almost boundless enthusiasm for the natural world can help us to see everything around us with new eyes. A dog, busy exploring the smell-scape of a camp site will be in his or her element. Their enthusiasm for their surroundings can be infectious and we too cannot but help but be captivated by the wonders of nature, however dreary the UK weather turns out to be.

Most dogs are amazing at finding the joy in life, whether it is to be found taking a dip in the ocean or wild swimming in a river, lake or loch, walking, running about, or simply snuggling up beside a roaring campfire of an evening. These are all things that we too can enjoy, if we are intrepid enough. It is while we are out and about in nature that we can get to be our purest and some might say best selves. It is when we are brought back to our basic selves that we and our pets can be most in sync with one another.

You will find that most dogs will enjoy themselves outdoors whatever the weather. A bit of rain will usually not dampen their enthusiasm for natural exploration and that get-up and go doggy attitude can be good for us too. Dogs can bring us up and out of our slough of despond and allow us to see the positive aspects of the situation. They can show us that no matter what the weather may bring, we can have a great time out and about in the UK countryside.

Whether you camp alone or with family and friends, a dog's companionship is always a boon on a camping adventure. Their soft, furry presence in the night can be a great comfort as the wind roars in the darkness outside and -an added bonus – they are living hot water bottles, providing very welcome extra heat on a cold night.

Your dog might be a large, bouncy, coiled spring who will run off plenty of energy bounding up mountains with you or ranging for miles and miles cross-country, or you might have a smaller dog who can fit in your backpack when it all gets a bit too much for their little legs. Either way, camping is simply better when you take your dog.