What Not To Do When Camping With Kids

Camping with kids can be a wonderful way to spend time as a family. It is a way to reconnect with the natural world and teach your children about nature and wildlife. It can be a way to escape from those screens and get out there in the 'real' world. It really can bring your family closer together. But many people will know that camping with kids is not always easy. Here are a few tips on what not to do when camping with kids, to help you avoid some of the most common family holiday pitfalls on your next camping trip:

Don't Let The Kids Rule the Roost (But Don't Dictate Everything Either)

One of the common mistakes that parents tend to make when travelling with kids is making it so the whole camping holiday revolves around them and their needs. While of course you want your kids to have a great time, the very best family holidays are the ones that allow the adults to have a great time too. Parents should remember to also think about their own wants and needs. Try to choose camping destinations and activities that everyone can enjoy. Communicate as a family, take everyone's thoughts into consideration and try to choose a camping holiday that allows everyone – kids and adults alike – to get their way.

Don't Bring Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Kids do often come with a lot of paraphernalia. Those with young children will know that it is nearly impossible to pack light. That said, when packing for your family holiday it is important not to get carried away. Remember, the more stuff you have with you, the longer it will take to set up camp, and to pack everything away at the end of your stay. Be prepared for different eventualities but don't bring everything including the kitchen sink. Make a list and keep things as simple as possible.

Don't Forget The Essentials

Making a list will make it easier to make sure that you have the essentials on hand when you need them, and remaining organised will help you find them when you need them while you are away. Don't forget essential items such as clothing, toothbrushes and camping equipment, water bottles, cooking gear, plates and utensils... make sure you have all the basics before you think about adding any extra items to your list.

Don't Wing It And Just Turn Up At A Campsite This Summer

Spontaneity and camping with kids just don't mix. Don't forget that family campsites will often fill up quickly when the kids are off school, so book well ahead of time to avoid disappointment and don't try to just wing it and turn up in hopes of getting a spot. Long, hot car rides or trips by bus or train will not end well if you have to find an alternative place to stay at short notice.

Don't Keep Kids Too Close (But Do Keep an Eye On Them)

Camping adventures offer the perfect opportunity to give your kids a taste of freedom. Many family-friendly campsites offer the opportunity for kids to have some adult-free time with other children. Cut those apron strings and don't hover over your children all the time – it is important to give them some freedom and space. Do keep an eye however, and make sure your kids are safe, hydrated and protected from the sun when they are running around a campsite.