Volunteers salvage hundreds of reusable camping equipment items from Leeds festival site

A host of international volunteers has managed to salvage 238 tents from the site of last weekend's Leeds Festival, despite the bad weather, harrogate-news.co.uk reports.

The sixty volunteers from all around Europe also managed to save 164 mats, 177 chairs, 72 wellingtons and other camping equipment since Monday morning - much of which was in near-perfect condition.

The volunteers were part of an environmental effort by organization Everything Is Possible, who hoped to pass the equipment on to community organizations and individuals in Leeds and Yorkshire in a 'community sale' that happened this week.

Volunteers from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Spain and here in the UK participated in the clean-up in exchange for a ticket to the three-day festival.

Carmen Avoledo from Italy said: "I enjoy the project because it is a good thing to do for society. It increases awareness of the waste problem. I will never throw anything away anymore."

The clean-up finished on Tuesday (28th) and the community-exchange took place yesterday and today, yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk reports.

Equipment was given for a small donation, with money raised going towards developing international projects for young people with few opportunities in the UK and around the world.

The project was supported by Festival Republic, the British Council and the European Union.