TV presenter appeals for owner of blown-away tent

Former TV presenter Paul Frost has launched an appeal to find the owner of a tent which blew into his garden during the recent bout of heavy winds.

The 62-year-old, who now runs his own media business after a career largely spent presenting on Tyne Tees Television, was shocked to see a tent complete with camping equipment sprawled across his front garden in Bishopton, near the North East town of Stockton.  

Strong winds hit the region last Thursday, causing many belongings to blow away and onto other people's property.

Trees, signs and chimney stacks also came loose following gales of up to 75 mph, reports, with some even toppling over.  

However, with no campsite near his property, Mr Frost has been pondering how a tent containing a flask, CD player, a CD and mugs managed to make its way into his front garden.

"It's quite a sizable structure.. We searched the garden to see if there were any missing boy scouts," he told

Mr Frost says he's currently looking for the tent's owner to come forward but insists the gear will not go to waste if they do not.

"If no one claims it I will give it a good wash and we will play with it," he added.