Turn Your Vehicle Into A Campervan With A Ququq Kit

Ququq is a German company known for their camping boxes that will allow you to instantly convert a range of passenger vehicles into campervans. Sturdy and yet light for handling, these kits have proven extremely easy to use and Ququq's examples have proven to be simpler and cheaper than many of the other camper in a box kits on the market.

The standard bus box kit fits a whole range of vehicles, including the Fiat Ducato and Scudo, the Iveco Daily, the Mercedes Vito and Sprinter, the Peugeot Expert and Boxer, the Ford Custom and Transit, the Renault Traffic and Master and the Volkwagen T4, T5, T6 and Crafter. Now, Ququq have brought out their G-box model, a unit designed to fit the Mercedes G-class.

The kits, both the standard bus box and the G-box model, include a sliding kitchen unit, space to store a portable toilet and a water container and a folding bed base, which measures 1.95m by 1.26m when unfolded. In the G-box model, due to the sloping sides of the 4x4, the bed top has to be removable. This means that the kitchen module can be secured in place first and then the bed can be attached afterwards. You could also remove the bed section if it were not needed during a day trip, saving weight and of course thereby saving fuel too.

The unit is not that lightweight, however, and will need two strong people to lift it into the vehicle in the first place. The kitchen unit weighs 40kg and the bed weighs 25kg. It is, however, easy to secure with four lashing straps.

Perhaps the main selling point of these kits is that they offer a more flexible alternative for those who want to enjoy camping trips without having a campervan or motorhome sitting on the driveway for months on end or for those who do not have to space for a second vehicle.

If you already own a vehicle suitable for one of these kits then, at a price of $2,590, this could be a cost-effective and sensible way to realise your campervan dreams. It could be just the thing to allow you to continue your camping adventures once the colder weather comes.