Trends in Camping Accessories for 2019

Now that spring is here, many may be contemplating taking their first camping trips of the season. Many may be considering new camping purchases and, as usual, there are plenty of new products on the market. To help you keep up to date in the camping world, here are three of the top trends in camping accessories for 2019:

An Emphasis on Sustainability

Many camping accessories for 2019 focus on material and sustainability. More and more, the public is becoming aware of the problems with plastic and seeking other solutions for their camping needs and wants. Wood is a go-to, natural material, and bamboo in particular is also in ascendancy as a material for camping accessories for 2019. While wood-framed camping accessories and bamboo camping chairs and tables have been on the market for quite some time, more and more camping companies are getting in on the act and bringing out their own sustainable items. Roben's new Kaya is one folding chair option, while Bo-Camp's Edmonton chair is another stylish selection.

An Emphasis on Ease

Self inflating mats have long been a feature of lightweight camping, but for 2019, these mats are going glamping. There are now a number of big, comfy self inflating mats for family and glamping holidays – the Zemphire Monstamat is just one example. These self inflating mats make it easier to set up camp – and an emphasis on ease is definitely a trend in camping accessories for 2019. The rise and rise of inflatable tents is another feature of this move towards greater ease for campers as the years go by.

An Emphasis on Luxurious Comfort

The large inflatable tents and big, comfy self inflating mats are also indicators of the trend towards items designed for luxury and comfort. More and more, camping is all about creating a home away from home. There are plenty of camping accessories for 2019 that bring style and design to camping gear – with pieces that can be used on a campsite but which would not look at all out of place in your home or garden. Folding storage solutions and other camping accessories can help you set up a more luxurious camp. Items in the Bo-Camp range are just some of those epitomising this trend.

These three trends are definitely at the heart of the camping accessories market for 2019. The innovation continues in the camping world and keen campers will find no shortage of inspiration when it comes to improving their camping trips and making them more sustainable, easy and luxuriously comfortable in 2019.