Tourists want to explore British coastline and countryside, survey says

Tourists don't just want to explore the nation's capital when visiting the UK, they also want to also explore the country's vast countryside and picturesque coastline, a survey has found.

The study, conducted by VisitBritain, found that although London remains the country's most popular tourist destination with 50 per cent of all tourists going to the city, more and more visitors are looking to venture elsewhere.

Britain's coastal areas, particularly Devon and Cornwall, remain popular with holidaymakers and the Lake District is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country.

According to, Britain's historic towns and cities such as York, Bath, and Edinburgh are also considered must-visit attractions, largely due to their attractive architecture and cultural significance.

Patricia Yates, director of strategy and communications at VisitBritain, told that the UK has a wide array of tourist attractions and beautiful countryside to lure visitors, as well as a capital city which is the most popular in the world.

Ms Yates said: "Our campaigns highlight the Scottish highlands and Edinburgh, the Welsh Coastal Path and Cardiff, Shakespeare Country and the Lake District to ensure that the economic benefits of tourism are spread across the nations and regions."