Tips For Storing Camping Gear Over The Winter

There is definitely a chill in the air and now autumn is drawing to an end, many people in the UK will be stowing away their camping gear until the spring, when warmer weather arrives. While there are some people for whom a winter camping trip is an enticing adventure, if you are not a four season camper, here are five tips for storing camping gear over the winter:

Clean Out and Air Your Tent Thoroughly

If you are a tent camper, making sure that your tent is dry is the most important thing. A tent that was packed away wet or damp will, if forgotten about, soon have a problem with mildew and could become unusable by the spring. On a sunny day, pitch your tent inside or in your garden and give it time to air out. It is also a good idea to vacuum out the tent, to make sure no crumbs or dirt are left inside. Debris can damage the tent, and can attract rodents or other pests when in store.

Check For Damage and Make Repairs Before Storing Camping Gear

Before stowing away your tent and other items, it is also a good idea to check everything over thoroughly and to take care of any repairs that need to be made. Making small repairs as and when necessary will significantly increase the lifetime of your camping gear and save you money. Don't leave these small repairs until next year or you may forget and have a problem to deal with in the field on your next camping trip.

Label all Camping Gear Clearly For Storage

Before you put all your camping gear away in the attic, in your garage, in the back of a cupboard or under your bed, make sure that you label everything clearly. Smaller items stored in boxes easily can be forgotten about and will give you a headache when it comes to finding everything that you want for a camping expedition next spring.

Store Flammable Items Safely

Flammable items such as the fuel that is used for camping stoves should always be stored carefully and separately. Ideally, these things should be stored in an outbuilding away from your home, but always in safe, secure containers. Batteries should also be removed from torches and other camping items if it will be a while before you use them again, as these can corrode and leak if left for a long time.

Keep Camping Gear Accessible

While it can be good to have everything out of the way and stowed neatly, it is also worthwhile thinking about the fact that you may decide to have a camping getaway at short notice. So, unless you are only an occasional camper, and don't camp more than once every few years, you should do your best to keep camping gear accessible for those last minute adventures.