Tips For Getting Ready For Camping Holidays with Kids

Summer is here and the time for family holidays has arrived. Are you looking forward to a family camping trip? Or are you secretly dreading the big event? A family holiday can be a lot of fun – but camping with kids does come with its fair share of strains and stresses. Here are some tips for getting ready for camping holidays with kids. Being prepared before you go can help save a lot of stress and hassle while you are away.

Make Choosing A Destination a Family Decision

One of the biggest decisions to make it where you will actually go on your camping holiday this year. The choice you make could have a large impact on whether or not you and your family have a great time while you are away. Making the wrong choice can cause all sorts of ructions for kids and adults alike, so it is important to get it right and choose a destination that everyone can enjoy. It is a good idea not to make a unilateral decision. Try to include everyone in your family in making the decision, so everyone feels they have had some choice in the matter and is happy with the decision that you make. This will make grumps and tantrums far less likely to spoil your adventure. Compromise is key and while parents are obviously the ones who will make the final decision, kids should feel they have some agency too.

Get the Kids Involved In Getting Ready

Kids of all ages are also far more likely to get on board with the camping experience if they are involved in getting ready for the trip. Rather than taking everything out of their hands and packing for them, preparing their items for them etc... consider giving kids responsibility for certain things. Check, if need be, but give kids freedom too. It is a learning experience but can also help them feel more excited about the adventure.

Check All Your Gear & Equipment

Before you set off for your camping holiday, you can also help avert potential disaster by checking all your gear and equipment thoroughly before you go. Get kids involved and have a practice run pitching your tent in the back garden, for example, and make sure items like tent pegs are all present and correct. Check vehicles and head any potential problems off at the pass.

Know Before You Go

While camping solo or as a couple can offer the chance to 'wing it' and head off into the unknown, family trips with kids should usually be planned out before you go. Make sure you book campsites in good time, and know where you are going and what you want to do when you get there so there are no disappointments, problems or delays that could spoil the fun.

Pack For All Eventualities

Travelling with kids can be an unpredictable business at times and the unpredictability is compounded by the fact that we never know what the weather is going to do. We may have had an amazingly sunny and warm summer so far – but things can change quickly, so make sure you pack for all sorts of weather – bring the sunscreen and the waterproofs and you will be prepared for the whole family for whatever weather may come your way.