Tips For Camping With A Dog in Wet Weather

Taking your dog on a camping trip can be a wonderful experience, both for the dog and for you. But when it is raining, keeping things warm and dry can be more of a struggle. It can be far more difficult to have an enjoyable camping holiday with a dog when the weather is wet and dreary. The dog likely won't mind a spot of rain – most dogs are perfectly happy to go out in the wet – but owners might not enjoy themselves as much as they may do on a sunny trip. Here are some tips to help you have a wonderful camping holiday in spite of the bad weather.

Bring Plenty of Old Towels

Old towels will be required to make sure your tent, caravan or motorhome does not get as wet as it is outside! Of course as you will know if you are a dog owner, dogs will shake off the wet if you do not give them a rub down first and the water will end up, well, everywhere. Bin bags to put the wet things in will also be a good idea.

Make Sure Your Dog Has His Own Bed and Knows Where It Is

In the confined spaces often found in tents or camping vehicles or caravans, it will tend to go more smoothly if your dog has a particular place to lie when you are inside. If he knows his place then he is less likely to get in your way, cause damage or create problems on those lazy rainy day mornings.

Tire Out Your Dog Before Retiring

A dog is also more likely to settle down and do what you would like it to do – go to sleep at the end of the day – when it has had an fun and action packed day. Tire your dog out thoroughly with long walks and runs even when the weather is wet. Just make sure you packed some good waterproof clothing and good boots and you can be as comfortable in wet weather as you are in dry.

Research Dog-Friendly Attractions, Pubs, Cafes and Eateries

A little bit of research before you leave home can make camping, caravanning or motorhoming with your dog so much easier. Make sure you know which attractions close to your campsite are dog-friendly and which are not. Do your research and find some dog friendly places to eat and have a drink, as being able to do some inside things with your pet in tow does make things so much easier and more pleasant.