Tips for A Spring Camping Holiday

Spring can be one of the very best times of the year to enjoy a camping holiday. Whether you enjoy camping in a tent, caravan, campervan or motorhome, or enjoying a more luxurious glamping retreat, the spring season offers some of the very best camping experiences.

Why Camp in the Spring?

There are a number of reasons why camping in the spring can be even more enjoyable than camping during the summer months. For example:

  • Scottish midges are not yet out – so camping in the glens or on the loch sides can be far more fun.
  • Many pretty wildflowers are at their most beautiful best.
  • The weather, while changeable, can be mild and pleasant (not too cold or too hot).
  • Campsites are often open once more, yet not overcrowded, especially early in the season.
  • Birds are nesting, sheep lambing and love (and baby animals) can be all around.

Tips for a Spring Camping Holiday?

Here are a few tips to help make sure that your spring camping holidays put a spring in your step and don't end up less enjoyable than they should be:

  • Check the weather forecasts. Some springs can be sunshine galore, while others just seem to get going before it feels like we have been plunged back into winter. While you can still have a great camping holiday even if there is some rain or it gets a bit chilly, it is important to know roughly what to exact, so you can take the right equipment and pack accordingly.
  • When packing for your holiday, and when preparing for a walk or other outdoors activity in the spring, it is important to have layers with you that you can easily add or remove as the need arises.
  • Remember that even when it is sunny and mild during the day, nights in spring can still get rather cold. Make sure you have bedding that is up to the task, eat a good hot meal and enjoy warm drinks before bed to keep you toasty, and brush up on those campfire starting skills.
  • Look out for wildlife protecting their young. Many species can get rather aggressive if you come between them and their young, so be aware of your surroundings when in the countryside, and make sure that you respect the creatures around you and allow them to get on with perpetuating the circle of life in peace.
  • If you plan on visiting certain attractions during your camping holiday, be sure to check the opening times carefully. Some places will have extended hours or even only be open during peak season. Make sure you can still visit in early spring.

Follow these basic guidelines and you are far more likely to enjoy your spring adventures. Whatever the time of year, camping can allow you to get out and revel in the beauty and wonder of the natural world.