Tips For A Healthier Family Camping Holiday

Family camping holidays can be a great way to keep the whole family happy and healthy. Unlike other holidays, where you may return to your daily life in a worse state of health than when you left, camping can see you return to work/ school with a healthy glow – and a healthy wallet too, since camping holidays can be such great value for money.

Ditch The Motorised Transport & Travel Under Your Own Steam

Whether or not you use a car, motorhome or campervan to reach your camping destination in the first place, it is well worth considering travelling at least some of the time during your holiday in a way that will get the limbs moving and the heart pumping. Do some walking or hiking, head of for some family cycling fun, or enjoy another means of self-propulsion, such as rowing or paddling in a boat, canoe or kayak. Travelling slowly in one of these ways is not only good for you, these are also wonderful ways to enjoy the natural world.

Choose Other Athletic Activities for the Family To Do Together

Camping adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. As well as walking, cycling or travelling on the water under your own steam, there are plenty of other athletic activities that your family could try. How about climbing and abseiling or ziplining? What about gorge walking or spelunking? Perhaps you could consider a swim swimming expedition? These are just some of the exciting adventures your family could enjoy on a healthier family camping holiday.

Cook Up Your Own Healthy Camp Meals

An element of family camping holidays that can sometimes leave something to be desired when it comes to your health are the meals that you cook up in camp. Rather than relying on packaged food and easy junk food, healthier camping holidays are all about using fresh, local produce to cook up healthy family meals on the go. When it comes to a barbecue, for example, you could branch out from the burgers and think about veggie options, or some fresh fish. There are also plenty of easy, one-pot soups, stews, curries, chillies, stir fries and other recipes that are family friendly and easy to make in camp.

Pack Healthier Picnics For When You Are On The Go

Creating healthy picnics can also help you to cut down on the unhealthy junk food that you and your family consume when you are on the go. Make healthy sandwiches, salads, or wraps and pack boiled eggs, trail mixes and fresh fruit that you can break out when hungry when out and about.

Take Care In The Sun

Another final thing to consider when trying to keep your family healthy on a summer camping adventure is to take care when out in the sun. Always take care to cover up when in the sun in the middle of the day, and make sure that you all stay hydrated by taking eco water bottles with you wherever you go.