The Joys of Winter Camping

In winter, it can be tempting to just snuggle up at home in front of the fire. But those of us who do make the effort to get out there into the great outdoors are often rewarded by some of the most beautiful sights of the year. Winter camping has a special feeling and it is all the more special when you get to enjoy a tranquil location more or less undisturbed by other campers.


Glamping has become ultra cool in recent years. Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that this form of camping has taken off, big style. A glamping holiday can be a good way to experience the wilds of winter without sacrificing all your home comforts. Throughout the UK you will find wigwams, caravans, lodges, cabins, tree-houses and yurts which are perfect for a cosy winter break. These glamping locations range from bare bones comfort through to almost five star luxury.

Fancy a sauna or perhaps a hot tub in which to warm up after a winter hike? Perhaps a Valentine's Day break complete with roaring wood burning fire, chocolates and champagne? These days, camping can be much more luxurious than you might imagine.

Tent Camping:

But glamping is not the only way to camp in winter. With the right thermal wear and sleeping bag, a decent tent and a positive attitude, you can get out there and enjoy tent camping all year long. There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. Extend this to cover your camping gear too and this could become your new mantra.

Of course, there can be difficulties – freezing temperatures can be a problem for butane fuelled stoves, for example. You will also see though that there are benefits to camping in winter. In some ways, getting away for a holiday in your tent can be even better at this time of year than it is in the summer season. There are not the crowds that some places experience once the weather begins to warm, the wintry scenery is just breathtaking and you will not be troubled by midges or other irritating insects.

Not all campsites are open during the winter months of course. But you will find many that are open. Some are found in areas of the country that, arguably, are at their best with frost glistening on the ground and a chill in the air on a crisp winter's day. Whether you find yourself in a magical forest with frosted trees, in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, or beside wild, white-capped seas, you will see the season in all its glory.

So this month, why not don the thermals and get on out there. Take a stroll through a wood or along a coastline, take your time and watch the wildlife. Climb a mountain, go skiing or get out there on a bike. You may be surprised how good it feels to get back in touch with the season. Winter camping is the perfect way to do so.