The Ever-Changing Face of Eco Glamping

If you like luxurious camping holidays then you will be aware that companies are always coming up with new, innovative and interesting places for you to spend the night. From yurts to wigwams to treehouses to futuristic domes and spheres – it seems there is no end to the number of unusual camping accommodations. The latest thing are Ecocapsules, towable, shippable luxury pods in which two people could live for up to a year off-grid.

EcocapsuleThese Ecocapsules are the brainchild of Slovakian design firm, Nice Architects and a prototype was shown at the Vienna Pioneers Festival last week. The first of these pods to be ordered are expected to be delivered in 2016. Could we see a few on campsites in the UK within the next few years? With these be the next big thing in top-end luxury camping? That of course remains to be seen.

The Ecocapsules are 4.45m long, 2.25m wide and 2.25m high. These self-sufficient capsules provide the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and hot food. They are fitted with their own renewable energy supply in the form of 2.6m2 of solar panels and a 750W retractable wind turbine. The pods are also designed to harvest and store rainwater and have an in-built water purification system to make that water safe to drink. Inside there is a kitchenette, a shower and toilet, a bed and a work/dining area. Their sleek and simple design could just make them the ultimate luxury glamping option if any do make their way to locations in the UK.

Since these pods can be moved on a trailer or air lifted, there is really hardly a limit to where it might be possible to put one. Will we see ecocapsules on remote beaches? Will they make their way up into the high mountain passes? Perhaps they may even appear on the rooftops of our cities like some strange alien invasion.

While this could be seen as an extension of the tiny house movement, I think few people will actually be enticed to live in one full-time. But for extended luxury camping trips in unusual and remote locations, perhaps this will indeed find its niche in the glamping world and become the next accommodation option to take this swiftly changing field by storm. This can only be a good thing, when one considers how little impact these pods make on the natural environment.

Whatever you think of these ecocapsules and whether or not you would actually ever choose to stay in one, it must be admitted that they are representative of the trend towards eco-conscious travel options – that is one thing in this constantly evolving business, that is, thankfully, here to stay.