The Best Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Fans For Summer Camping

The sun is shining and many of us are heading out to enjoy the UK countryside on camping holidays. But though the sun can be pleasant, sometimes things can get oppressively hot – even here in the UK. Whether you are camping in a tent, campervan, motorhome or caravan, often you will feel the need for something to cool you down. A solar powered fan is one eco-friendly option for cooling your space when camping during a heatwave. To help you stay comfortable on your camping trips this summer, either in the UK or abroad, here are three of the best eco-friendly fans for summer camping:

PK Green Solar Fan

This high quality 20W, 12V solar powered fan and solar panel is a great choice for an eco-friendly camping trip. It could be used in a tent, campervan, motorhome or caravan. The fan is 12 inches in diameter and has three speed settings and a sixty minute timer. The cable is longer than many others on the market and a mains adaptor is also included so you can use your fan on mains, or you can use it with a 12V battery (not provided). £82.99

Peakstrom Solar Panel Powered Fan

This 10 inch solar powered fan in 10W, 5V. It is portable and easy to use. The solar panel is waterproof (though the USB port is not) and the included solar panel can also charge some mobile phones and other electronic devices. The fan will also operate independently and in addition to being used with the solar panel can also work when plugged into a working computer or power bank. £36.99

Sodial 4 inch Cooling Ventilation Fan USB Solar Powered Fan

This small 3W, 6V fan can be attached to the included solar panel and, when the sun in shining this can provide enough power to adequately cool a small space. The fan can also be plugged with a USB connection into a computer or other device, or into a power bank so it can be used during the night or when the sun is not shining. £11.98

Cooling with a solar powered fan could be the perfect way to make yourself more comfortable in warm weather on your next camping trip.