Sheffield is 'outdoor capital of the UK', study suggests

Sheffielders should be proud to learn that the city has been named the UK's outdoor capital, albeit by a local university study.

According to the study, two thirds (66 per cent) of Sheffield residents regularly get out into the great outdoors for recreation, which is more than six per cent higher than the national average. The city can also boast the highest outdoor equipment spend per household, reports.

The Sheffield Hallam University research, which was commissioned by the council, also looked into the impact that outdoor activities have on the city's economy. Climbing, camping, cycling, mountain biking, walking and running generate a whopping £53 million a year overall.

The results show that there are more than 10,000 active climbers in the city, so it comes as no surprise to learn that there are more businesses selling climbing equipment in Sheffield than other big UK cities.

Leigh Bramall, lead elected councillor at Sheffield City Council, said: "It is crucial that we capitalise upon this research and work with stakeholders across all sectors to position Sheffield as the outdoor capital of the UK, which will bring - and is already bringing - huge financial benefits."

The news coincides with the announcement that the 2015 European Outdoor Summit will take place in Sheffield, hosted by the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), notes. Chief executive of the OIA Andrew Denton said: "The city is at the heart of the UK's outdoor scene and has a bold ambition around outdoor recreation - it's the perfect location."