Scout leader discusses giving disabled kids the full scout experience

The leader of a Glasgow Scout group has revealed how much it means to him that disabled children have the chance to enjoy the full Scout experience.

According to, the 77th Glasgow Scout group is led by 24-year-old Michael Shanks, who has been volunteering with the organisation since he was 13 years old.

Where the 77th differs from typical Scout groups is that it's aimed at providing opportunities for adventure for people between eight and 25 years old who have disabilities or life-limiting conditions. They take groups of disabled Scouts camping in Scotland and next year are going to a campsite abroad for the first time in 20 years.

Reflecting on his experience, Mr Shanks said: "I didn't plan to still be here 11 years later and be the leader, but the fact I am probably shows how much everyone enjoys themselves. One of the main things for all of us is to make sure all the Scouts get a proper Scouting experience, such as going away camping."

Scout groups tend to be set up - or disbanded - according to demand for such opportunities and the continuing existence of the 77th suggests their services are appreciated in the local community.

Meanwhile, this week reported that a more conventional Scout group is being set up in Ludgershall - the area has not had a Scout group since the 1990s. It will be called the 5th Wiltshire B-P and will serve towns such as Ludgershall, Tidworth and Collingbourne.