Romantic Meal Ideas for Valentine's Day Camping Trips

If you are whisking your loved one away for a camping escape in the wilds this Valentine's Day then you may be trying to decide what provisions you need to take with you. It may help to plan a romantic Valentine's Day meal ahead of time – one that you can cook on even a basic campsite. Planning ahead will help you make sure that you have everything you need to cook your loved one the sort of camp meal that they deserve. Here are some romantic meal ideas to help you kindle that spark, or keep the flame burning this Valentine's Day:

One Pot Campfire Curry & Flat Bread

Spicy food has been shown to inflame the passions! Chemicals in the spices and chilli can actually mimic the processes of arousal and could be perfect to get you both into a romantic mood. So cook up your favourite curry recipe and toast a flat bread over the fire then tuck in together to enjoy sensuous eating with your hands.

Fiery Chocolate Chilli

Another spicy option to heat things up a little, this chocolate chilli also offers the indulgence of chocolate to the mix, a dish that looks and feels sophisticated but which takes next to no time to knock up. This can also be served with bread, or with a dish of rice.

Salmon Fillets With Pesto Crust & Fresh Greens

This simple yet classy dish is sure to impress your loved one, yet is not very difficult to prepare, even with the limited facilities on a campsite. The pesto can be prepared ahead of time using fresh herbs, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil – ingredients that can put a spring in your step and which some say also act as natural aphrodisiacs!

Honey Glazed Vegan Kebab Sticks

Honey is always associated with romance – as in honeymoon – and fertility, think of the phrase 'the birds and the bees'... and it turns out that honey really can be good for your love life. Honey is good for you in a range of ways, and better health can lead to a better relationship with your loved one. Spread vegetables, halumi, and whatever else you fancy with honey and soy and grill kebabs over a campfire for something just a little bit different, with a hint of smokey sweetness.

Warm Rocket, Fig & Feta Salad

Grilled vegetables, fig, feta and (another natural aphrodisiac) rocket can be combined to create a delicious (and fancy looking) special occasion salad, served warm to keep off the winter chill. Healthy yet delicious, this could be the perfect thing to serve your loved one in camp this Valentine's day.