Oversea holidays slump as Britons enjoy the hot weather at home

Shares in package holidays are said to be falling according to the latest statistics.

Travel firms such as Thomson, Thomas Cook and First Choice (which all concentrate on offering foreign trips abroad) have seen their shares slump by up to 4.5 per cent, according to outandaboutlive.co.uk - as many Brits decide to snub overseas trips in favour of enjoying the hot weather at home.

Britain has been basking in good weather, with recent temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees. The heatwave (which is said to be the UK's longest stretch of hot weather in a 14-day period since 2006) is also set to continue for at least another two weeks, according to weather forecasters.

This is good news for those running camp sites in Britain, as may Brits plan 'staycations' - but bad news for the travel companies.

Talking about the slump, Steve Endacott, boss of On Holiday Group, told dailymail.co.uk he had hoped for a revival in the market, but that he is quite sure that isn't going to be the case for those in the foreign travel market.

As well as good being good news for camp sites, the hot weather in Britain has also said to have boosted sales in products such as barbecues, sunscreen and paddling pools. Sales of electric fans are also said to be up by 340 per cent.