Orb tent offers unique approach to forest camping

Orb-shaped tree tents have been hailed as a revolutionary way to camp in the forest, newsrt.co.uk reports.

Campers looking to get out into the wild have long sought forests to provide a quiet, rural setting for their getaway. Forest floors, however, are rarely flat, besieged by tree roots and are often in the shade - which also impacts the stability of pegs.

Now, these concerns could be a thing of the past with the Orb tent, which hangs suspended from trees in order to provide a more comfortable stay.

The tent's overall design isn't its only feature, however, as the insides have been decked out more in the "glamping" style, featuring a double bed, bench seat and even a woodburning stove. It has also been built with longevity in mind, being made of British wood and recycled aluminium. The cover is made from waterproof cotton.

One of only two examples of the Orb has been opened to the public at East Sussex's 'The Secret Campsite', with the other in Powys, Wales. If they prove to be a success, the Orb could then go on to create yet more designs which approach camping a little differently.

Speaking to dailymail.co.uk of his campsite's new addition, owner of The Secret Campsite, Tim Bullen, explained: "Not only is it incredibly cool to look at, it's also amazingly well designed and practical.

"The tent is fully insulated so it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It looks like a little field mouse tent. Rather than just turning up to a mown field with marked pitches, campers will be able to immerse themselves in the woodland. The tree tent makes the whole camping experience more exciting - it gives it a twist."