New Year's Resolutions for Campers in 2019

Early January can be a depressing time of the year. But rather than focussing on the harsh winter weather yet to come, it can be helpful to look forward to spring, and the summer that lies beyond. Though if you are a fair weather camper, a camping expedition may be the last thing on your mind this month, the sunshine will come sooner than you think. Take this time to take a long hard look at your life, and to make plans for the year to come. To help you shape your camping plans for 2019, here are some new year's resolutions that could help you make sure that you are heading in the right direction:

Appreciate Nature and Remember that You Are Part of It

In our modern world, it can be easy to become detached from the natural world and to feel disconnected from the wonders around us. Plan time to escape into more natural surroundings, literally smell the flowers and, when camping, make time to recreate your connection with nature. Value the plant and animal life around you, not as something to look at, but as something to exist with. Remember that you are a part of nature, not something above and distinct from it.

Value Your Family & Friends

You and your family and friends are part of the wonderful ecosystem that makes up all life on this planet we call home. Take time to connect with the people around you, as well as with the wider natural world. Camping trips offer fantastic opportunities to connect with those you love. Make sure you appreciate all the little things that make the people you love who they are, and don't get bogged down in the little irritations.

Make 2019 the Year that You Go Greener

A stronger sense of connection with nature and humanity is a strong first step on the road towards a greener way of life. On your camping trips in 2019, take little steps to make your adventures more eco-friendly, low-impact and sustainable. Reduce your plastic use... reuse, recycle. Consider slower, low-impact adventures without reliance on fossil fuels.

Say Yes to New Experiences

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do on your camping adventures in 2019, make sure you are not afraid to try new things. Say yes to new experiences and broaden your horizons to become the best version of you.

Make Every Moment Count

2019 should be the year that you begin to think differently about time. Time often seems to be in short supply in our busy modern lives. But it is a mistake to think of time merely as a commodity to be spent. It is not always about how much time you have but rather about how you use that time. Even one night camping can be enough to recharge those batteries. Make sure that you make every moment count.