New Kent campsite planned as another closes

North Kent could lose one campsite but gain another over the coming months, reports.

Holidaymakers were hit with bad news after it emerged that Canterbury City Council is considering changing the use of Reculver Caravan Park in order to give the land over to the country park. The site once used to house some 190 static caravans but is now partly empty after the owners of those which remained sought to buy the site out and run it themselves.

As the site is on a flood plain, however, the local Council has made clear its aim to reclaim the land and add it to the Reculver Country Park, which has already been granted Special Protection Area and Site of Special Scientific Interest status.

If the plans do go ahead, local caravan owners and tourists wouldn't have to look too far for their next destination, however, as proposals have already been drawn up for the creation of a new site in nearby Herne Bay.

Heymar Leisure has approached the council with a view to set up a touring caravan and campsite at Whitstable Bends less than five miles to the west of Reculver. The application looks to be successful, having already been granted on the condition that developers could confirm how they would rectify drainage issues, which has since been done.

Commenting on plans for the Reculver Country Park, a report issued by the Council to, read: "There are significant benefits to the local environment in removing the caravan park and reinstating the land to its natural state allowing it to be used as part of the country park.

"Although the loss of tourist accommodation on the site is regrettable, this should be considered against the enhancement of the attractiveness of the country park as a destination."