New Gadgets To Charge Your Devices While Camping in 2019

Like it or not, technology is now a major part of all our lives, and most of us will be hard pressed to do without our smartphones or other devices – even when trying to get away from it all on a camping holiday. If you are one of the growing number of people for whom doing without a smartphone is like doing without a limb, you will be delighted to hear that keeping your devices charged while camping is becoming easier than ever before. There are plenty of ways to make sure you can keep your phone charged up wherever you go. Here are three new gadgets that could be excellent choices to charge your devices while camping in 2019:

Goal Zero Sherpa Chargers

This new range of Sherpa chargers can be powered up with solar panels or from the mains. There are three different sizes available, the 15 is great for charging a smartphone or other small items. The 40 will charge a tablet, and the 100AC works for laptops, tablets and USB powered devices. It also has an excellent option for wireless charging.

Powertraveller Products

Powertraveller do a wide range of solar and battery-based chargers, for everything from full laptop charging setups to small and light solar panels you can hang on your backpack, they've got most remote charging needs covered. We're being sent an extreme to review early next year, so watch this space for more details!

Lifeventure Charger Wallet

The new RfiD charger wallet from Lifeventure not only shields your credit card data from illegal scanners and makes it easier to avoid accidental contactless payments, it also allows you to charge your phone from your wallet. The power bank contained within is easy to recharge using the micro USB cable that is provided, and the wallet itself is hardy enough (with water resistant fabric) to withstand the strains of a camping trip.

GP Design M-Series Powerbank

GP batteries make a range of rechargeable batteries. They also make a range of powerbanks. The GP M-series Powerbank will fit easily into a pocket or backpack for camping, and has a sleek and colourful design. The Powerbank will allow you to charge not only one but three devices and you can choose options with a range of capacities, from 5,000 mAh to 15,000 mAh.

There are plenty of other options on the market, but however you choose to charge your devices while camping in 2019, it seems clear that going off grid with your devices is easier than ever before, which is good news for technologically savvy adventurers.