Motorhome-camper van distinction defined

The difference between a camper van and a motorhome has been explained by an industry expert.

Julie Russell - of Marquis Motorhomes - described on how motorhomes start off with just the cab chassis, with the rest of the vehicle built around it.

However she explained that camper vans still have the a full body from the original design.

As a result, the body section of a motorhome will often be wider than the cab; allowing for a greater variety in the interior layout as well as more room for passengers on their way to campsites in England and further afield.

Russell added: "A camper van is a panel van conversion. We take a standard automotive manufacturer's van (which may or may not have side windows) and fit a bespoke camping interior."

According to the Andover Advertiser, Marquis Motorhomes recently appeared at a show in Birmingham and saw sales exceed expectations - demonstrating that demand for motorhomes remains strong despite the challenging economic climate.

Alan Buckwell, sales director at the firm, said the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC was one of the best exhibitions in the company's history. The business enjoyed sales of more than £4.2 million during the week.

The Hampshire-based company exhibited a range of different models including the Majestic 165 and 145.