Mobiles devices popular for booking holidays, reveals ABTA

An increasing number of holidaymakers are booking their trips via mobile and tablet, reports

A new study conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), found 24 per cent of respondents to their survey opted to book a holiday through a mobile phone or tablet device. This figure rose to 47 per cent in the 15-24 age group.

Around 14 per cent used their phone to book a foreign holiday, along with ten per cent who used a tablet device. For domestic bookings, approximately eight per cent booked on a tablet device and 12 per cent used their mobile.

Overall, a massive 89 per cent used their computer, showing that for bookings of any type - foreign trips, city breaks, camping holidays - digital appears to be the way forward.

Victoria Bacon, head of communications at ABTA, believes that operators need to diversify their channels in order to cater for all markets.

Speaking to, she said: "When it comes to booking a holiday it's clear that consumers want choice, whether it's booking face-to-face on the high street or booking on the go on a mobile phone.

"Travel agents and tour operators need to ensure that they have the right tools and technologies to market their products and offer consumers the option to book and browse, through a range of different methods," she added.