Millions of Brits planning on holidaying at home this summer

A new survey has revealed that millions of Brits are planning to holiday in the UK this summer, according to

The research, carried out by business listing's company Local People, suggests that many Brits are getting frustrated with some of the stresses that foreign holidays can bring and are instead making the most of opportunities in the UK. This could include city breaks or a trip to the campsites that the UK has to offer.

According to the data, 7.8 million Brits are planning to holiday at home rather than go abroad this year. Talking about the findings, Lee Williams, a spokesperson for Local People, told "In the face of recession and an economy in crisis, our sites are buzzing with Brit looking for an alternative to the stresses of holidaying abroad."

He continued: "They are choosing instead to support British tourism and local businesses and our poll indicated that they're staying more local."

Mr Williams also said that the advancement of technology also allows people to travel a "virtual distance within seconds" - meaning people can still view other worlds and cultures from their own home.

According to the poll, the top place Britons are holidaying at home is London, followed by Bristol, Devon, Yorkshire and Cornwall. Lancashire, Kent, Somerset, West Midlands and Derbyshire make up the rest of the top ten.