Mechanic creates the world's smallest campervan

Car fanatic Andy Saunders has unveiled his latest wacky invention - a 4ft living space dubbed 'the world's smallest campervan'.

One issue with Mr Saunders' invention is that it can't technically be called a van. Rather than putting his knowledge in engines and drivetrains to good use, he decided to create a home which relies on pedal power to push it along.

This means that while Cornwall or Devon could be suitable places for his vehicle to travel, campsites in Scotland might be a tad out of reach. says his latest creation combines a Bedford Bambi campervan and a three-wheel pedal cart, with the back of the driver's seat separating the two vehicles. The Bambi was originally the smallest campervan ever made, so Mr Saunders shaving six feet off its frame could mean his invention now holds that title.

The lush interior provides plenty of room for four people to sit down, while the removal of certain parts of the seating area means they can use the stove and sink hidden beneath.

There's also a table for them to them to enjoy a meal over and the roof space can be extended out by 2ft 6 inches to create room for whoever's using the bed up above.

Mr Saunders took just two weeks to create his mobile home, costing him around £1,000 in materials.

"Inside it's fully insulated and upholstered, it has a twin hob to cook on, a sink to wash up in. It's got a big side window and even a small bed, you have to tuck up a bit but it's perfect for a power nap," he told

"It's a a little cramped but it's all good fun, everyone who sees it says 'wow."