Lessons to Teach Kids on Camping Holidays

Parents will know that it can be challenging to do the right thing for your kids. Parenting can sometimes feel like a constant battle. It can be difficult to stay on top of things and combat the negative influences of the modern world that bombard us from every direction. Camping trips can make it easier to teach your kids about the truly important things in life. Here are some of the lessons camping holidays can teach:

Lessons Learned From Camping Holidays:

The Importance of Protecting the Natural World

Never before has it been so vitally important to raise future citizens of our planet who understand that it is their role to protect rather than to consume. Camping is a wonderful way to get close to the natural world, to appreciate its beauty and to learn what we as humans can do to protect it for ourselves and for future generations.

The Importance of Exercise

We are facing an obesity crisis of epic proportions. More and more children are not getting the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. Make sure that you and your children are not amongst those who neglect the importance of exercise – learn to love energetic pursuits. Free yourself from the gym and head out instead to enjoy the natural playground of the UK countryside.

Co-operation & Teamwork

The family who camps together learns to work as a team. From pitching a tent or setting up camp, to collecting firewood or cooking camp meals together, camping can make co-operation and teamwork a central part of the experience and teach your children valuable skills that will come in handy throughout their lives.


It can be tempting for parents to tend to do to much for their kids. A camping holiday can often offer a safe environment where you can loosen the apron strings a little and give your child or children a little more free reign. Allowing kids to navigate a campsite on their own, giving them to the tools to safely start their own campfire, or showing them how to pitch their own tent or cook their own camp meal, can give them a whole host of new skills and help foster self-reliance.

How to Relax

Camping can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. Life is not just about learning – it is about fun and relaxation too. Getting away from it all in a beautiful, natural setting can help you show your kids, by example, how to relax and unwind – an increasingly important skill in our modern world.

These, are, of course, just some of many different lessons that camping holidays can teach. Camping can be educational in a whole raft of different ways. But no one said learning could not also be a lot of fun.