Learn Bushcraft and Camp Almost-Wild Close To London

If you are cooped up in a city life and want to experience a little of the freedom of a man or woman of the wilds, you do not have to go far from London to have a rustic camping adventure. Less than an hour from central London, you can enter a world of green beauty on the banks of the river Lee, near Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, you will find the Almost Wild Campsite, one of a number of this new kind of back-to-basic campsites aimed at city folk seeking escape. Here you can learn some basic bushcraft skills and reconnect with nature and your surroundings.

One of the fantastic things about this campsite is that it is so easy to reach from the capital – and you don't even have to rely on your car or on public transportation. You can reach here on foot, by bike or even by canoe. The canalised River Lee Navigation runs right past the site, between Hertford and Limehouse on Thames. Overnight canoe expeditions can stay the night and should you fancy canoeing once you have arrived, Lee Valley Canoe Cycle in Broxbourne will deliver canoes to the banks of the site for you to use during your stay.

Throughout the summer months, you can do more than just basic camp. There are a range of one hour introductions to a range of different bushcraft and outdoors survival skills, from foraging, to shelter building to more advanced courses. You could learn how to make fire with a bow drill, or the age old techniques of camp cooking... learning these basic camp skills can immediately increase your confidence to get out there and enjoy more wild camping experiences on your own.

The back-to-basics feel of this campsite is a large part of the appeal. There are 17 pitches (each with space for two or three tents), each of which has its own firepit. Aside from this, there are just two composting toilets, a cold water tap and a few solar powered lights. Do not expect this to be a luxurious experience – but if you want a natural experience this is exactly what you will get, with the only sounds of the modern world the distant sound of a train or the gentle passing of a canal boat and lush greenery all around.

You will be amazed how easily and quickly you can escape the city and shrug off all the mundane realities of your life and how absorbed you can be by achieving simple tasks in the almost-wild. You will escape London prices too – a night here costs just £12 per person.