Inventor creates world's smallest caravan

Part-time inventor Yannick Reed has created the world's smallest caravan, and it has just received Guinness World Record recognition.

The 43-year-old, who makes his living as a website writer, has been given his Guinness World Record award just as the 2015 edition of the book has gone on sale today (September 10). His tiny caravan measures a mere 2.39m in length, 1.53m high and 0.79m wide. It's not hard to transport either, considering it weighs only 131.1kg. The caravan is fittingly named the QTvan, reports

Best of all, the caravan is completely road-worthy and Mr Reed has taken many mini-breaks with it. Despite its stature, he says that he finds it surprisingly comfortable. Not only is there a full-size bed in the caravan, there's also a kettle, interior lighting, TV and a sink, reports The QTvan has been on a number of adventures, including being towed through the aisles of Tesco.

Mr Reed notes that his teeny caravan makes passersby smile when they see him towing it. He says that everyone should "watch this space" as he plans to make some more tiny creations in the future.

Of course this isn't the only caravan to have made the Guinness World Records. In August 2012, Jason Sands from the US managed to achieve the world's fastest caravan tow, reaching a top speed of 141.998 mph. The largest caravan, on the other hand, was made in 1990 and was 20m long, 12m wide and weighed 122 tonnes.