Inflatable tent poles a sign of things to come?

Reviewers have been getting to grips with a tent that utilises inflatable tubes instead of traditional poles, reports.

The poles are often what adds a great deal of weight to any tent, which prompted designers to consider workable alternatives. Now, German innovators Hemiplanet appear to have done just that with the introduction of their Wedge Tent.

As its name suggests, the Wedge is shaped similarly to an isosceles triangle on its side - although this isn't the first thing people will notice about the tent. Instead, the most striking feature is that its "poles" are three, inflatable orange tubes.

Designed to make the tent easier to carry, the feature makes for a tent that weighs 3.2kg, although - for a two-person tent - this is hardly the lightest on the market.

Instead, the feature has been hailed for making the tent incredibly easy to erect. Once the "poles" are inflated, there is little else to do apart from peg the corners down as per usual, then set about the camping holiday. Furthermore, this feature was something that reviewers from claimed made it perfectly possible to set the tent up without reading its instructions.

They even went as far as to call the resulting look during inflation as one of a "baby elephant getting off its knees".

Summing up his take, Outdoors Magic's "Jon", concluded: "So far, we're pleasantly impressed.

"Sure, the Wedge looks a little unusual and yes, it's not as light as some, then again it's not insanely heavy for a two-person tent and eminently packable as a result. Price for the Wedge is £450 and the new lighter pump is an additional £20. Not cheap, but you're getting something innovative and useful for the money."