Inflatable Solar Camping Lanterns For Eco-Friendly Camp Lighting

One relatively cheap and cheerful option for those who are camping this summer at a festival or with a group of friends or family is the inflatable solar camping lantern – now available from a handful of different companies. This is a simple idea and yet one that could be a good option for those looking for something to shed a reasonable amount of light on the camp without taking up a lot of space in a pack or costing a fortune.

You can pick up one of these inflatable solar camping lanterns, for example the Yellowstone Inflatable camping lantern, for as little as £8.99 and prices from a number of suppliers range from around £9 to around £18. Options are from Mpowerd Luci, Aidier, Meridian Zero, Force Four and more. Reviews are generally very positive and it seems these lightweight little lanterns are quite the hit with campers looking for cheap and easy camp illumination.

What these lanterns do is obvious from the name. They can be powered up in sunlight and then will release that light at night. Some reviewers mentioned that these inflatable lights, when packed down flat, could be unobtrusive enough to be charged on the dashboard of their vehicle as they drove to their camping destination. You could also tie them on top of your backpack for the hike in or simply lay them out while you were sitting and having a new drinks on a sunny afternoon.

Of course, the main problem with any solar powered device is that it does rely on the sunshine – something that can unfortunately be in short supply in the UK, even in the summer! As something cheap and cheerful this could be a good addition to a campsite – but I would suggest that you do not rely on this as your only source of illumination. Reviews of some of these would also suggest that these lights, while great on a still, calm evening after a sunny day, may be too lightweight to use in windy weather.

These seem a fantastic solution for summer camping, festivals or as emergency lighting for a range of different situations but, as with many camping gadgets, their application does not stretch across all camping scenarios and you will need to take into account where, when and how you like camping before working out if this is the right lantern for you.