Imaginative Edible Treats For Easter Camping Trips

If you are heading off this weekend for some Easter camping fun for your family, then as you are packing up you may like to consider what food you will take with you. The kids will love the novelty of Easter-themed foods and funny Easter surprises and you can keep everyone happy and well fed while you are away. Here are a few suggestions for edible treats for your Easter camping trip:

Toasted Hot Cross Buns:

Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter food and can also be a great treat when popped on a sturdy stick and toasted over a campfire. Spread with some butter and enjoy the taste that will always remind everyone of Easter

Egg Surprises:

Everyone knows that what kids really love about Easter are the chocolate eggs and while, religious or not, we may wish to remind them the true meaning of the holiday, we do not want to deprive them of their sweet treats either. For a funny trick, carefully shell a couple of eggs to make some scrambled eggs or an omelette for breakfast, then, while the kids are still snoring in their sleeping bags, place a small chocolate egg inside each shell and pretend that you have prepared boiled eggs for breakfast. Seeing their faces as they crack the shell and discover the surprise will create a great mood in camp.

Colourful Carroty Egg Salad:

To counteract the negative effect of all the chocolate, feed your family a healthy meal of colourful and carroty egg salad. Chop up some boiled eggs and add them to a mix of salad leaves, spring onions, carrots and radishes – tell them that this is a meal that the Easter bunny is sure to enjoy.

Easter Bunny Shaped Frying Pan Pizzas:

Keep the Easter Bunny theme going by creating some simple frying pan pizzas. This is a meal that the kids can help with and you can easily form the dough into whatever shape you like so you can get the little ones involved and create a wonky bunny pizza for the family to enjoy, complete with all their favourite toppings. Simple and quick for an easy and fun meal whilst camping, this could be perfect for your Easter weekend camping trip.

Baked Potato Bunnies:

Another bunny themed meal idea to encourage the kids to help out with campsite cooking – these baked potato bunnies take a while but require hardly any effort – just a little assembly at the end. Cook potatoes in foil in your campfire, making sure to start early so there is plenty of time for them to cook. When they are done, cut each potato open near one end and scoop out the inside. Mix the potato with some cheese and some herbs if you like then pop the mix back into the skin. Use the top to make two ears to stick in the top of the potato-cheese mix. Embellish your bunny with some beans, salad or other side dishes. Be sure to take pictures of everyone's results!