How to Make the Most of The Early May Bank Holiday

Bank holidays sometimes seem too few and far between – but are you making the most of the time off? A long weekend can be a perfect opportunity for a short camping break – but with only a few days away, how to you make sure that every moment counts? Here are some tips, ahead of the Early May bank holiday, to make sure you make the most of your long weekend:

Be Prepared & Plan Ahead

Planning where you want to go ahead of time can save time and effort on your bank holiday weekend. Book ahead for busy locations so you won't have to spend time looking for alternatives, pack the night before so you don't have a late start, and plan your route so you don't get lost.

Consider a Location Close to Home

The journey to get to a camping destination can be part of the whole experience. But sometimes, a long journey is hardly worth it when you are only going to be staying there for a couple of nights. Consider a location closer to home, so you'll have less time travelling, and more time to actually spend there.

Consider Leaving the Car Behind

On a bank holiday weekend, so many people are sometimes travelling that it can be difficult to get anywhere and the traffic can be horrendous. Rather than driving and getting stuck in the jams, why not consider train travel, or a hiking or biking holiday instead?

Stay Ahead of the Traffic

Many people will set off on Saturday for their bank holiday weekend. Why not consider a very early start to make the most of the time you have? Setting off very early could allow you to stay ahead of the traffic and get where you are going much sooner.

Plan Your Routes Carefully

If you do take a car or motorhome, plan your route carefully. Try to avoid areas that are prone to heavy traffic and jams, and consider taking a circuitous route to reach your destination. It may be further, but taking smaller roads could actually mean that you reach your destination more quickly when traffic is heavy.

Bearing these tips in mind with help you make sure you make the most of your May bank holiday weekend camping trip.